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Haridwar is one of the holiest City of Hindus , on the banks of the River Ganga, where the river completes its descent from the Himalayas and reaches the plains.

Every Hindu dreams of visiting Hardwar at least once in his or her life to dip their feet in Hari ki Pauri and worship in the Krishnadham , and thus wash away all sins : to ensure that their soul goes to heaven (Sworgarohanam ) , at the end of their Ehaloka vasam !

For this , thousands of Hindu pilgrims visit Haridwar every day ! Many old people , men and women , among Hindus , spent their last days , in Haridwar : there are hundreds of Ashrams and Vishramalayas in Haridwar , along the Banks of River Ganga !

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  1. Spent around twenty months in and around Hardwar (feet of Shiva – har dwar). Years 2012-2013.
    Ancient Indian culture (pre Muslim) seems to have been organised these “holy cultural spaces”?
    Hardwar (or Haridwar, for Vaishnavites?) in North India, Puri in Eastern India, Rameswaram in Southern India and Dwarka in Western India?

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