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- OP Tandon 
Shri OP Tandon in conversation with Shri Ghanekar

Shri OP Tandon known as OP or simply Tandon spoke at the February 2020 meet of former NDDB employees and after that handed over to me the following three pages written in Hindi and English. I misplaced those pages. At my request he rewrote and sent scanned copies through email sent by his grand son Parth !

That too remained in my inbox. As I grow older, yes I am over 75 now I tend to forget a lot. One day finally located the scan copies of these three pages while going through old mails and thought of typing out the text and posting it as a blog from OP. After a number of attempts I gave up and felt that readers would get a much better flair if I just post scan copies of his hand written text.

I also got another communication from him given below.

I thought of sharing these words written from the heart.


  1. A nice memoir by Shri OPT.
    लिखावट में कम्पन बताता है कि उम्र हो चली है पर हिम्मत वही है …..


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