I wrote in the minutes book of the NDDB Dairy Development Board


I enjoyed the task and it has become one of the many fond remembrances of my past with NDDB

After joining the service at NDDB in January 1974, I underwent a “training” at village level milk producers cooperative societies affiliated to the Kheda District Milk Producers Union Ltd ( Amul Dairy). However, my training was more like an orientation programme as I had prior work experience having worked in similar functions in Animal Husbandry and support to milk cooperative societies at Sabar Kantha Milk Producers Cooperative Union Ltd.

Thereafter, I got opportunities to work with NDDB Spear Head Team (s) in different parts of the country.

During my tenure with NDDB I also worked at NDDB Head Office at Anand. I was involved in field training of “trainees” who were sent to Anand to get trained in organising Anand pattern dairy cooperatives in various parts of the country.

Whenever there was a slack in the number of training programmes to be conducted we had to spend time in the office and carry out miscellaneous jobs.

Once in the year 1977 or 1978 while I was attending office work a request came from the Administration Division to my Division, Farmers Organisation and Animal Husbandry Division (FO & AH) requesting for sparing a staff member with good hand writing in English. This request was perhaps due to work load and urgency to complete this task within the Administration Division.

My Senior Executive Shri NG Trivedi suggested my name for the same.

I met the Executive concerned in the Administration Division. Unfortunately I don’t recall his name now.

After checking a sample of my hand writing the Executive was satisfied and entrusted me the task of writing by hand the minutes of the NDDB board meeting on the official Minutes Book of NDDB. This was to be signed by chairman.

He clearly told me that I had to ensure accuracy, neatness by writing clearly and not to overwrite.

I was excited and full of enthusiasm as I got trusted for doing a job for the office of Dr. Kurien Sir.

Minutes book which had very good quality of paper with attractive leather biding was handed over to me along with the a bunch of papers that contained the typed minutes of the meeting.

I was provided a separate place to sit and write the minutes. A lot of pages of typed material were to be hand written in the Minutes book. I could not finish writing and it was time for closure of office.

Next day was a Sunday. Due to urgency, the Executive asked me “Are you ready to write willingly on Sunday at your home ?”

I said yes. I was ready to do so . It was due to the trust conferred on me for such an important task. I was really excited and enthusiastic to complete the task.

He agreed and the minutes book along with minutes papers was packed in a confidential cover and handed over to me.

I completed the task of writing by hand in the official minutes book of NDDB that Sunday at home with utmost care and handed over the Minute Book and other papers back to the Administration Division the next working day.

I felt proud that my hand written minutes were to be signed by Dr Kurien Sir!

There after I got such opportunities a couple of times more to write the minutes.

I enjoyed the task and it has become one of the many fond remembrances of my past with NDDB.


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