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Sanathana Dharma is commonly referred to as ” Hinduism ” in India , even though the term only refers to the practical and functional aspects of Sanathana Dharma : And Hinduism is the overwhelmingly predominant Religion in the country !

I am neither a Historian nor an Enthusiast of Sanathana Dharma ! My prime objective in starting this feature posts was to place before the ” am janatha ” , basic information on the enormity of the Levels of achievements of this 5000 years of the unbroken Indian Civilization : Culture , Arts , Architecture , Literature and Spirituality !

Adding to the numbers and size of the Hindus is not part of the ajenda : Sanathana Dharma does not believe in conversions of followers of other faiths to Hindus ! And yet one in seven of all persons on Earth is Hindu !


Pushkar is a Holy Town : Centre – West of the Rajasthan State , stretched along the western side of Aravalli mountain range , a part of Ajmir District . Ajmir City is the District Head Quarters , only 10 km away from Pushkar. Transport and communications from Pushkar is well developed , the nearest airport is Ajmer.

Pushkar Lake ( Jeshta , the largest of the three lakes in Pushkar : Sacred for Hindus : Brahma Theertha ) : Legends are that the Lake was formed on the land on which the lotus flower peteals fell from the hands of Jagat Pitha , Brahma , when he was getting ready for a holy yagna.

Pushkar is said to be the only Brahma Temple in India : thousands of pilgrims come to Pushkar for a holy dip in Brahma Theertha (Pushkar Lake) and worship in the Brahma Temple !

Pushkar Mela / Karthik Mela / Animal Fair / Camel Fair

This is organised on the Pushkar Lake Shore , Ajmer District , Rajasthan State : Annually , is one of the largest animal fairs , particularly for Camels , the world over. Known popularly in the country as the Pushkar Mela / Karthik Mela , is held in Autumn (November) , every year.

The fair is a mix of festival , carnival , animal trading market and pilgrimage : all rolled into one .Camel trading is the prime purpose of the fair : Horses and Cattle are also traded in the Fair.

Tourist foot fall , in addition to the fair participants from all over Rajasthan villages : Domestic as well as Global , is about 200,000! Pilgrims too join in the mela , mainly for the holy dip in the Pushkar lake and worship in the Brahma Temple on the lake shore.

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