A journey from Gujarat to West Bengal

Raghu Chattopadhyaya
Raghu Chattopadhyaya

Genesis of milk operation by Amul Dairy in West Bengal

Dedicated to “Father of white revolution”, Milk man of India Dr. V.Kurien

This blog contains a document  titled “A journey from Gujarat to West Bengal” in pdf format embedded on this page. It is written by my dear friend and former colleague Dr Raghu Chattopadhyaya. 

It is the story of milk producers cooperative movement in West Bengal. 

Readers can view and/or download the entire document. 

It actually is more than a story because it provides a lot of data which could be of interest to researchers and also inspire other NDDBians who were the flag bearers of Anand Patrern Milk Producers Cooperatives of 20th Century vintage which gave birth to “Farmer Producer Organisation” in 21 Century!

 My apologies to Dr Raghu Chattopadhyaya for the delay  in uploading this story. 

Please scroll down to read the story of this blog.

Now the story of this blog

Dr Raghu Chattopadhyaya met me at the former NDDB employees meet in February 2020. We met after many years and while we were chatting he quietly passed on to me a A4 size cover which had a hard copy of this document. In the evening I read and liked it. Next day when we met I thanked him for the meticulous work done by compiling facts and figures, adding to that pictures and a narrative that makes it complete. We decided that I will publish it on Vrikshamandir.

Easier said than done.

I moved to Canada in July 2020 and when I started looking for the document I realised that had not brought with me to Canada. I got in touch with him. He shared with me a pdf document. I found it difficult to upload it. I requested him to share a word document. He did but it was so heavy and full of pictures that despite several attempts I could not upload the same.

I was feeling frustrated but realising that technology is not my forte, I kept on trying.

I had almost given up and then by chance in June 2021 I found that there is a very easy way to both upload a pdf document and also enable it’s viewing and down loading. It was a struggle similar to the one I faced in uploading the Vrikshamandir audio page.

जिन खोजा तिन पाइयाँ गहरे पानी पैठ !


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