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I have not been active on Vrikshamandir for some time. I have not been keeping well. It all started in mid November. One thing led to another. I sent a letter to some friends about my current health condition and also shared a link to a story which I read yesterday and liked most. I am sharing some responses I received on the same.

Greetings !


I am sharing a weblink  link to a story. I follow this website.  Reminds me of the kind of literature I would get to read in my childhood. Straight simple and written from the heart. Life was simple then there were few choices and satisfaction from what one got in return from one’s effort was “satisfying “ in itself. Failing and not achieving a desired result was not a stigma. Joint families took care of both the successful and failed ones. Focus was “family” not the individual. Family was the social unit that propelled individuals to greater heights and took care of those who didn’t do well. 

I am reminded of a story my mother told me. 

My great grand father was the single child of his parents. He was uneducated. Hardworking, a farmer and a man of character though he did give at times licence to his tongue and  come out with standard bhojpuri abuses for those workers who would come late or were found wanting. But he took great care of all those who worked on our fields.  He put his foot down and supported my father to study beyond tenth standard. My grand father was opposed to further studies beyond matric by father. 

Any way the incident was that a worker stole raw  “Dal” from our house and when the matter came to light my great grand father said “ Give some lemons 🍋 from our tree as when he cooks the Dal he might enjoy it better with some lemon juice”. For then there was this family that extended beyond immediate family. Yes there was rampant untouchability and exploitation too. Am I then talking of exceptions ?  


पिताजी जब कभी बाहर जाते, तब माँ बहुत उदास हो जाती थी। इस वजह से ही या न जाने और किसी वजह से, पिताजी जब तक अनिवार्य कारण न हो, तब तक दूर की यात्रा क्वचित्‌ ही करते थे। एक दिन सूरत के गुरूद्वारे से तार आया। पिताजी को तुरंत सूरत आने की गुरू महाराज ने तार से सूचना दी थी। उन दिनों किसी के यहाँ तार आना बड़ा महत्वपूर्ण प्रसंग माना जाता था। अकसर कोई बुरी खबर हो, तो ही किसी के यहाँ तार आता था। पूरे मुहल्ले में बात फैल गयी कि हमारे यहाँ तार आया है। धीरे-धीरे लोग पूछताछ को आने लगे। तार में कोई बुरा समाचार तो था नहीं। अतः चिंता का स्थान कुतूहल और उत्साह ने ले लिया।

बीसवीं शताब्दी के आरंभ का जमाना। साधारण लोगों के लिए सूरत-अहमदाबाद जाने का प्रसंग भी दो-चार साल में एकाध बार ही आता था। और, बम्बई – कलकत्ता जाना तो सुदूर विदेशयात्रा के समान कठिन और विरल माना जाता था।

पिताजी के सफर की तैयारी होने लगी। माँ की सहायता के लिए बड़ी मौसी और मामी आ पहुंची। पार्वती बुआ एक पीतल के चमकदार डब्बे में चार मगस के लड्डू ले आयी। पिताजी के पाथेय का प्रश्न इससे आधा हल हो गया। बिस्तर के लिए मामा अपनी नयी दरी लेते आये थे। लल्लू काका धोबी चार दिन बाद मिलने वाले पिताजी के कपड़े उसी रोज इस्त्री करके दे गये। शाम को भजन हुआ। रात को भोजन के बाद पुरूषोत्तम काका ने लालटेन की रोशनी में पिताजी की हजामत बना दी। पिताजी मध्यरात्रि की लोकल से जाने वाले थे। इतनी रात गये सवारी मिलना मुश्किल होता था। अतः दस बजे ही घर से निकल जाने की बात तय हुई। साढ़े नौ बजे तांगा लाने के लिए मामा लहरीपुरा गये। हमारे परिचित मुस्लिम स्वजन मलंग काका का तांगा चौराहे पर ही खड़ा था। मामा के कहते ही वे आ गये। उन्होंने रात को ग्यारह बजे तक गपशप कर के पिताजी के बिछोह का विशाद कुछ हद तक हलका कर दिया। लेकिन तांगा जाते ही कठिनाई से रोके हुए माँ के आँसू बरस पड़े। मौसी, मामी और बुआ माँ को ढाढ़स बाँधती रही और आधी रात बीते घर गयी। हम भी लेट गये।……..

आगे पढने के लिये यह लिंक दबायें 


The promoter of SaarthakSamvad is an ex IRMAN. 

Now some responses;

“Good to know that you are doing better than before and the recovery plan is sort of working. May you recover quicker than what everyone expects and give them a surprise. I pray for a miracle. 🙂 I read your account. I guess you are a lucky person to have such great souls around you. That was the time when such generous उदार दिल लोग हुआ करते थे l डांटना और गाली देना भी प्यार करने का एक तरीका था यही समज आती है । I am sure so much of genuineness, values and goodwill for all which is visible in you comes directly from there.

We can be ग्रेटफुल about these gifts showered upon us. I read the story from the link. The first thought after reading it is that women have such unmatched wisdom, clarity and foresight. If only men had been led by her innate capacity bring out the best in any situation, unearth the subtle emotions, and deep understanding of the social Tana bana, world would have been different today. It’s a beautiful story. Kishansinh Chavda is well known and celebrated author. Thanks for sharing it.”

“This made my day already. Thank you for sharing it. Loving regards”

“The way you wrote the following msg speaks of your excellent n healthy mind. Mind resides in the body. 1/5th of what we eat ( including medicine ) becomes your mind. The toxicity of your body is under control. This is what I deduced. Great going Sir.But recite Achyuta Anantha n Govinda 108 times.”

“Glad to know that you are getting better and better. Good sign. You will soon get over weakness too. Keep up the positive attitude and all will be well. Sarthaksamvad took me to my childhood. The life was so simple, relationships so pure that in today’s time it appears more like a utopian concept. Our generation will certainly appreciate such stories, but for the modern generation- it may well be ‘Tales from a backward Indian Society of the bygone era’. Anything which is out of present context will be laughable for the present and coming tech era generations.

Take care and if you feel energetic enough, work on Vrikshamandir- that is your tonic. “



  1. Shiba. Narayan padhi Avatar
    Shiba. Narayan padhi

    VRIKSHAMANDIR is a library,play ground,yoga centre,hospital,pub and park all combined for ruminating old days…….best method for oldies to recover from loneliness and all types of ness and less………..let’s keep connected .

  2. Rama+Reddy Avatar

    Today’s chat has been exhilarating. Thanks to those who participated in the chat.

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