Francis Newton Souza

~ Dr MPG Kurup former Executive Director National Dairy Development Board

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Art Painting

Francis Newton Souza : Famous Indian Painter : 1924-2002 (Goan , Salgao Village ) : first post independent Indian Painter to achieve global recognition , fame and Commercial Success.

Badly disfigured bySmall Pox at a very young age !
Founder member of “progressive artist’s group, Bombay!

Moved to Britain in early fifties : Very poor ,often hungry !
First break came with the Clearance Show in Victor Musgrave’s Gallery: Gallary 1. : in 1955: fame and success followed

Soon earned the epithet of ” Enfant Terrible of modern art” ! Style : Expressionist .

First Retrospective : Britiain, then followed, Carribean , Asian : in 1989 ! Exhibitions in : Art net , British Museum ,

Very expensive Products: famous painting : “Birth ” Sold at Christies : for $ 4.0Million. Sold in Indian Art Markets : above : Rs.1 Crore per painting

Source: Text and pictures Google /Wikipedia


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