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No Vrindavan is the holiest of holy lands , for Hindus , Braj Bhoomi Region , along the banks of the holy river Jamuna , in Mathura district in utter pradesh. There are in this area , more than 5000 Temples dedicated to lord Krishna and Radha.

Vrindavan was a heavily forested area , Madhuban , was progressively cleared as Temples and Krishna Bhakti grew among the residents.

Lord Krishna is believed to have spent his childhood days in Vrindavan !

Govinda Devji Temple is the oldest and most sacred temple in Vrindavan , built by Raja Man Sing : in the 16th century : Emperor Akbar donated the sand stone for the temple ( left over after the construction of redforet in Delhi) !

The Mathura Temple was built by King Raj Veer Sing Deva Bundela in 1650 , spending Rs.33 Laks , during the reign of Emperor Jehangir !

ISKON is currently building the world’s tallest Temple ” Chandrodaya Mandir ” in Vrindavan : now under dispute with the Green Authorities and Sub Judice !

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