Practical and Productive

I posted a blog about two distinguished persons whom I met in person in 2017 and their life story, passion and unique impactful work that they were doing left a deep impression on me.

Guruji Ravindra Sharma and Shri Deepak Suchde whom we fondly addressed as Baba, in February 2017 at the Development Management Institute, Patna.

While I was able to visit the karmabhoomi of Baba in Bajwada on a couple of occasions and attend with him several meetings in Delhi, I could not meet Guruji except for one meeting in Patna. Both of them are, unfortunately, no more.

I had also met Dr Prasad Teegalpalli at Patna.

We reconnected, thanks to social media, after four years! We have been exchanging messages and writing occasional emails for some months now. One day I watched a video lecture of his on YouTube. He has over the years developed and innovated trying out a pedagogy which as he puts it makes learning both practical and productive. He has been able to organize sales of over 500000 copies of books of Mahatma Gandhi through his students as part of assignments thatthe student needs to carry out.

I contacted him, and he kindly agreed to have a semi-structured conversation on Zoom about his life, work and views about “practical and productive” business management education, which he has successfully tried out for nearly two decades.

Dr Prasad Teegalpalli teaches Business Management at the National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE).

I have great pleasure in sharing this recorded conversation. He speaks about his life journey, beliefs and his passion at work as a teacher.

Some excerpts from our conversation.

Gandhi is such a Nasha I call it Nasha very carefully, I’m using the word नशा very carefully एक बार चढ जाता है फिर उतरता नही

When practical becomes productive, the value system increases, this is a very, very important point, when practical becomes productive, the value system develops, head, heart and body is engaged in the whole process.

And this particular tailoring skill I got almost from birth itself because my mother used to take care of a family of four members by tailoring. So, I picked up tailoring, and I used to work as a tailor from school to my postgraduate level.

बेचो बेचो बेचो, बेच बेच कर सीखो, सिखाई बेच कर सीखो, जितना सीखा पूरा बेचो

I also found some pictures taken that day in February 2017. Displayed in the gallery below.

The following video clip was taken in February 2017 during our visit to Kaliachak village in Nalanda District of Bihar. Dr Prasad explaining to students mathematical formulas through a simple inexpensive toy.



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