I fulfilled my curiosity

I got an opportunity to work as a member of the NDDB spearhead team at Jalgaon (Maharashtra) from 1974 to 1976. This was the period when Operation Flood – I was under implementation. This posting enabled me get a very good exposure into the workings of spearhead teams through which NDDB helped organise village levelContinue reading “I fulfilled my curiosity”

એનડીડીબી-અનુભવની પાઠશાળા

અતિતની ભીતરમાં ડોકિયું કરતા અનેક પ્રસંગોની હારમાળા ઉપસી આવે અને તેને યાદ કરી માણવાની મજા આવે ,કેટલાંક કાર્ય સ્થલે બનેલા બનાવો આજે પણ સ્મરણ પટ પર રમતા જોવા મલે અને તેને યાદ કરતાં આનંદની લહેર શરીરમાંથી પસાર થાય! આશરે ચાર દાયકા પહેલાં જયારે મારી એનડીડીબી મા નિમણુંક થઇ અને સાબરમતી આશ્રમ ગૌશાળા,અમદાવાદ ખાતે પોસ્ટીંગ થયુંContinue reading “એનડીડીબી-અનુભવની પાઠશાળા”

NDDB campus life Reminiscences from the 1970’s

Here is a small trip down the memory lane.For many of the Junior Officers who resided in the NDDB campus at Anand in the early 1970’s,the ubiquitous table pictured below is sure to bring about nostalgia. These handcrafted tables were on sale during the evening hours just outside the Baroda railway station. And the price?Continue reading “NDDB campus life Reminiscences from the 1970’s”

Aameen Khan Rahut writes about his passion and professional life journey!

My professional life centres around three prestigious Institutions, and even after my retirement, it has remained almost the same. I joined Indian Dairy Corporation (IDC) in the year 1973. I was only 22 years old then. I shifted to Anand to work for the Coordination Department of IDC. When IDC merged into National Dairy DevelopmentContinue reading “Aameen Khan Rahut writes about his passion and professional life journey!”

A Chapati Tale

Wondering? How can there be a tale about a Chapati, but there is one. Here it is. Back in 1971 on NDDB campus, bachelors- some twenty of us who were eating in hostel mess suddenly lost our privilege to eat there. Most of us had to make emergency arrangements that included some self taught cooking lessons.  The next twoContinue reading “A Chapati Tale”

कथा, एक मित्र के ब्याह की भाग १ और २

कथा, एक मित्र के ब्याह की भाग -१ सुप्रसिद्ध अंग्रेज़ी नाट्यकार जॉर्ज बर्नार्ड शॉ ने कहा था की, “हर बुद्धिमान महिला को जितनी जल्दी हो सके शादी कर लेनी चाहिये और हर एक बुद्धिमान पुरुष को शादी में जितनी देर हो सके उतनी देर करनी चाहिये”। हमारा मित्र उनके इस कथन से बहुत प्रभावित था। मुझे नहीं पता की जॉर्ज बर्नार्ड शॉ ने स्वयं अपने इसContinue reading “कथा, एक मित्र के ब्याह की भाग १ और २”

Fearless Karamyogi

Dr Kurien was a fearless karmyogi and he never asked for anything for himself. I recall when Jagjivan Ram wanted a private dairy to be funded under Operation Flood (OF), Dr Kurien’s blunt reply was that it could not be done. Surely the Minister had wanted him to be sacked but could not because ofContinue reading “Fearless Karamyogi”

Persuasive Powers

There never was and never will be another Verghese Kurien who reigned like a Colossus over the dairy industry of India for over 50 years. He had the authority to rule over the industry because of his intense knowledge of the sector, his faith in the capacity of the rural milk producers and his selflessContinue reading “Persuasive Powers”

Great Blessing

Working with Dr Kurien for over 24 years has been a great blessing. He led from the front and was totally committed to the dairy farmers of India and showed the thoroughness that was needed to handle the tremendous challenges that we faced. He was able to muster support from the highest levels in theContinue reading “Great Blessing”

Audio conversations with former colleagues

Most of my former colleagues are senior to very senior citizens. I am blessed to have been a recipient of their love, affection and encouragement which has helped me in coming out with articles of interest -mostly related to NDDB and on subjects of common interest – regularly on Vrikshamandir. Two months from now thisContinue reading “Audio conversations with former colleagues”

Some thoughts and questions on India’s edible oil strategy

Two significant announcements have been made by the government of India in a short span of one month on how India plans to deal with the twin problems of the oil sector- ever increasing reliance on imports to meet the growing demand and controlling the retail prices of edible oils. On 10th August the prime minister announced a plan to boost domestic production of edible oils at anContinue reading “Some thoughts and questions on India’s edible oil strategy”