Toughness of boss !

An overwhelming thought arose during my routine meditation today. And in the eyes of my mind I was pulled back for a while to about 5 decades to a time when I as a fresh college graduate from Anand veterinary College and joined NDDB. I had recently joined and posted at NDDB Head Office inContinue reading “Toughness of boss !”

NDDB’S Oil Palm Project; A turning point in my professional life journey

Year-1995-96; A watershed moment of my professional career Not many would remember that in 1995 National Dairy Development Board had initiated a project on ” Oil Palm”. The project was initiated in Mandya district of Karnataka with the objective of producing, procuring, processing and marketing Palm oil so that the burden of import of edibleContinue reading “NDDB’S Oil Palm Project; A turning point in my professional life journey”

No sir, you can not “drink” !

This funny incident also happened in 1982 in Pakistan. The scene- Hilton, Lahore. This was our second week in Pakistan. After first week in Islamabad, which was mostly meetings with policy makers and senior bureaucrats in the government of Pakistan, we were now to undertake field visits to the proposed project areas in the Punjab province.  Dr. Kurien left for IndiaContinue reading “No sir, you can not “drink” !”

Looking for a Cowasji in Karachi

Year 1982. I was in Karachi with Mike (Dr. Michael Halse, my guru). We were members the Pakistan Dairy Sector Review Mission fielded by the World Bank and led by Dr. V. Kurien. The evening we reached Karachi, Mike told me that he had a call from the principal of his high school in LondonContinue reading “Looking for a Cowasji in Karachi”

सहज मानवता और स्नेहिल आतिथ्य

My contribution to the Souvenir brought out on the occasion of the 75th birthday of Charutar Arogya Mandal , Chairman Dr. Amrita Patel. I will try an English translation and post the same later. The souvenir was brought out in English, Gujarati and Hindi. I chose to write in Hindi. अगस्त या सितंबर १९६८ काContinue reading “सहज मानवता और स्नेहिल आतिथ्य”

RK Nagar Writes; My Guru

Michael Halse: My Guru by RK Nagar RK Nagar pays tributes to his Guru …Dr Michael Halse…It is a long piece but worth a read particularly for those who wish to know more about the unsung heroes who under Dr Kurien’s leadership made the “White Revolution “ a reality in India. Mike was a bornContinue reading “RK Nagar Writes; My Guru”